Behind the lens
  • Renee Zona

    South Florida’s premier female boudoir photographer


    “By the grace of God, I find myself where I’m at today. Jesus has touched my life in extraordinary ways and for Him I am eternally grateful.”


    I am most inspired by ………My children
    I am most thankful for ……..God’s Grace
    I am most moved by ……….Stories of hero’s
    I am most tempted by ……..Chocolate
    I am most relaxed by ………A really good massage
    I am most guilty of ………….Turning into a dork
    I am most proud of …………Being able to admit that!

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    I strive to work closely with my clients to ensure their personal vision is captured in their photographs. Through boudoir photography I can help tastefully showcase the beauty and appeal of each woman. It’s a memorable experience to have a glamour session devoted entirely to you. Your images will stand the test of time and be tailored to express your unique beauty and style. Should they be fun and edgy, or soft and sensual? How about flirty, or perhaps risqué’? Boudoir photography is about showing off a woman’s natural beauty in a way that allows her unique charm to show through.


    Please check out the FAQ for more information. I am happy to answer any other questions that you may have about your boudoir shoot. I look forward to meeting you!

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