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    How many different lingerie outfits can I use?

    For a one hour session, one can be plenty but two is even better. Minor changes like adding a piece or removing a piece are quick and can be done no problem.  Longer session times are needed for more clothing changes. Typically we can fit a change in each half hour of the session.


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    Do I have to shoot in lingerie?

    Certainly not! Most women end up using one or two lingerie outfits and something else that they look sexy in. There are so many directions the shoot can take. Maybe there is something that looks ultra sexy on you that you’ve always wanted to wear for a photograph but it’s just a little toooo revealing? Or perhaps bringing something that represents your unique style.


    Here’s a few sexy clothing examples that come to mind…… a robe, leather jacket, fur coat, nothing but pearls, how about cowgirl boots and a tank top?, body jewelry, husbands work shirt, boyfriends jersey, uniforms, masks, props, a guitar covering a nude body, a hat either with an outfit or covering a body part, favorite heels, garters, motorcycles, fancy cars…….. Does your significant other have a favorite outfit?…..sexy secretary, french maid…


    The shoot can be tailored for you. It can be classic lingerie, nude art, or something fun incorporated into it like the examples above. The possiblities are endless …..

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    I have a few things that I'm self-conscious about. What enhancements are included on the images I order?

    Posing and lighting are used discerningly to contour each individual body style. In addition to that, items that will be fixed or minimized in finalizing images include, Stretch marks, scars, acne, dimply skin, bulges from posing.


    Additional enhancements that can be arranged include such things as: teeth whitening, body shaping, black & white conversion, film effects, sepia, and others.

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    What if my waist bulges out in a picture or something like that, will you fix it for me?

    Of course! Sometimes this happens. The pose is beautiful but by being turned a certain way it creates a little bulge. No problem. I am certified in Advance Photoshop, so if there are certain edits that you want done to the pictures just let me know. I am not initially going to reform someone’s body because I believe women’s figures should be celebrated, not altered for society. But that’s a whole other topic. There are many reasons why someone may desire some Photoshop enhancements and I completely understand. I’m the expert who is here to ensure I create gorgeous pictures for you, and you’re the client who I wholeheartedly want to make happy. So just ask and I’ll let you know if we can do it.

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    I want to look beautiful in the pictures. What steps do you take to ensure that?

    There are many things that go into creating a flattering image of someone. Each is as important as the other and if one is missing, it will likely make the difference between a great image, and a not so great image. The quality of the light is super important, as well is the angle and posing choices that are made by the individual boudoir photographer.


    When enhancing an image I take a lot of care to ensure that the image also retains its natural beauty. Sometimes it seems as if the camera isn’t capturing us in the most flattering way and some of us are not as photogenic as models are fortunate to be. :^) So it’s a photographer’s job to help counteract that.  I work to create that dimension and depth for the camera and I concentrate on emphasizing your best features. Your beauty in person should be evident in the images. I choose the best poses, angles and lighting for you so that you have images that will show you off for years to come.

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    What is the cancelation policy?

    When I reserve the date for your shoot I end up turning down other requests. But I also realize that sometimes things come up that are beyond your control and a session may need to be rescheduled. So if 3 days notice is given to reschedule then the retainer will be applied to your new session date. This must be booked within 90 days of the original session. With shorter notice the retainer cannot be applied to the next session, because I have turned down requests for that week.


    If with short notice I am able to make an easy change that works out fine for me and the makeup artist then I will do my best to be accommodating.  This is at my discretion due to availability and should not be assumed to automatically work out when requesting to be rescheduled. Above all else I want the shoot to happen and I will do my best for you. In other words:   If it works out to make the change, then I am happy to do it. But if it doesn’t then it’s up to you to keep the scheduled time.

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    Are you available on weekends?

    Sorry, not usually. My work schedule is Monday-Friday. And with children, I really need to have specific days off for them.  Yet I realize that occasionally someone’s schedule will absolutely not work during the week so I do offer Saturday sessions for an additional $75.

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    Should I have professional makeup done or can I do my own makeup and save the money?

    Makeup artists really are an essential element. They’re familiar with how to contour the face to help the camera pick up depth in the image so that your beautiful features look as good for the camera as they do in person. Makeup for on camera is different than the typical application and the artists I work with do airbrushing which looks great on camera.

    So it is hightly recommended you add the makeup service. If you don’t have a professional makeup application, it’s more likely you’ll be disappointed with the resulting images. Some woman do end up applying their own makeup and are happy with the results so it’s possible to have a nice turnout. But some end up wishing they would have added the service. So it depends on how good you are at doing your makeup, whether you have heavy foundation that looks great on camera and if you like a subdued look.


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    What is the turn-around time for viewing my images?

    Typically they are available to be viewed within a few days after your photo shoot. I gaurantee they will be available within 10 days though that would be rare to take that long. Then it’s the fun part…. viewing and choosing your images!


    Once you decide on your order and image choices it takes a few weeks for albums. Prints and digital images are quicker. So if you need these for a special occasion then plan ahead to allow enough time to receive the final images. If you’re in a hurry there is rush service for images to be viewable the same day for $75.

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    I have a nice location in mind that I'd like to shoot at. Do I have to come to the studio or can you shoot at my location?

    I can certainly shoot at your location. My studio is located in Boca Raton FL, but I can also travel to the areas surrounding Miami, West Palm and Ft. Lauderdale. Location shooting is complimentary if you are within 25 miles of Boca Raton FL, zip code 33487. For further travel, please email me to discuss.

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    Will my images be automatically put in your portfolio?

    No, they will not. Permission from the women has been given to me for every image you see in my portfolio. None of your images will be shown here or on my blog unless you say its ok. I love it when a client agrees to allow me to compliment my portfolio with one or more of her images. But it is not required. Your images will be kept private and handled with the upmost care.


    Women of all sizes and ages are beautiful! I shoot a wide age range of women and I’d love to showcase that. So to build the diversity of my portfolio I may ask for permission to use select images from your shoot. I often capture an image I’d love to feature but my top priority remains to always protect and respect your privacy.

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    Can I bring a friend with me to the boudoir photo session?

    Absolutely!  Although gentlemen are not permitted at the shoot, you’re welcome to bring a female friend along. If you both would like to do a boudoir shoot the same day, you can receive significant discounts off each of your sessions.